A machine for folding carton


– a low level sensor strip or absence </ pnp> – a low level sensor glue </ p>

– additional external tray adhesive </ p>

– failure alarm display in the form of audio-visual </ p>

– Sensor low status in the magazine cartons </ p>

& nbsp; </ p>

The machine is available in 2 versions carton sealing: </ p>

T – tape G – hot-melt glue. </ p>

Excluding the manual submission process, reduce labor costs, save storage space and production and eliminate problems arising from the transport and storage of complex packaging. Folding cartons PABLOBOX 546 is a powerful, easy to use and maintain the device, which can significantly reduce the costs associated with the manual submission and their storage. Easy to adjust the size of the folding carton allows for quick adaptation folding to work with a wide range of packaging used. Machine is equipped with an ergonomic design allows easy access to the module to change the size of the carton and its cleaning and maintenance. The design of the machine is made of powder coated steel or entirely in stainless steel upon request. </ P>


Maximum length 500 mm*
Minimum długość 200 mm
The maximum width 400 mm*
The minimum width 150 mm
The maximum amount of open cardboard 600 mm
The minimum amount of open cardboard 175 mm
The maximum value* 850 mm

Formierka kartonówPABLOBOX 546


Power: 380 – 415V, 50Hz
Power: 0,5kW / 4kW
Compressed aire: 6 bar
The speed of the tape feed: ok. 22 m / min
Total mass: ok. 750 kg
Maximum Performance: 16 kartonów / minutę
Max diameter tape: 300 mm
Maximal width of the tape: 50 mm
The minimum diameter of the tape: 38 mm
Dimensions of the machine: LxWxH 1890 x 1810 x 2635 mm
Execution: Powder coated steel or stainless steel
Color: Design: RAL 7001 • Enclosure: Polycarbonate

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