Tube filling

Tubbing machine TB 525

Product details

Product level sensor in the container controls the product level. The machine is equipped with servo-motors which make its operation smooth, fast and extremely efficient. Tube filling machine is equipped with a TOUCH PANEL for simple and intuitive operation. It has its water cooling system. The machine structure allows for fast replacement of seats to enable packing of several types of products. It takes just a few minutes to re-calibrate the tube filling machine to another product format.

Optional functions

– Pump for transfer from main container to the machine container
– Seal with date or batch number
– Euro hanger cut-out

TB 525

Capacity: Up to 50 cycles/min
Product: Skin-care cream or other products of various viscosity
Tube capacity: 5-250ml
Installed capacity: 4.5 kW
Compressed air: 6.5 bar
Air demand: 270l/min
Water consumption (version for heat-sealing tubes) 15 dm3/h
Weight: ~ 500kg

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