Capping machines

Capper SS-T


Top Capper SS-T is a capping machine securing caps onto packaging in a start-stop mode. It means that the product has to stop for a while in order to be capped. The capping process is carried out by means of a special head. Its diameter depends on the cap size. The capper can handle different types of caps, e.g.: flip-top, standard and safe. It secures caps on packaging, whose neck height is equal to the height of the packaging and with a neck sticking out of the packaging.
The machines operate in a linear system. The cycle begins as soon as the packaging is positioned. Then, the head moves down vertically and tightens up the cap on the product. Packaging prepared in such a way is ready for further handling on the production line, e.g.: labelling and packing. The capping machine complies with the highest safety standards. It received CE certification.

Capper CS

Power supply: 3x400V 50~60Hz
Compressed air: 6.5 bar
Number of screwing heads: 1
Installed capacity: 6 kW
Capacity: Up to 1,800pcs/h*
Mode of operation: Start-stop
Material: Stainless steel

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