Capping machines

Capper CS

Product details

Machine closing packaging in start stop or continous cycle. They cooperate closely with the cap dispenser and sorter. The feeding system is different for different types of packaging. Caps may be picked from a cassette, which transports the cap to the head or the moving product may pick the cap from the dispenser. The capping machine may be equipped with one or two screwing heads, which tighten the cap on the packaging in a rotary motion.

Unique features:

– Number of servo-motor driven heads depending on the performance
– Continuous operation – non-stop
– Cap positioning control system
– Cap tightening up regulated with the control panel
– Easy and transparent format modification system

Capper CS

Power supply: 3x400V 50~60Hz
Compressed air: 6.5 bar
Number of screwing heads: 1-2
Installed capacity: 7 kW
Capacity: Up to 3,000pcs/h*
Cap: Threaded cap
Packaging type: Glass bottle, PET, HDPE bottle, Canisters
Dimensions LxWxH [mm]: 1460x1715x1945*
Material: Stainless steel

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