Capping machines

Capper CS-2


Continuous double capping machine Capper CS-2 operates in a linear system. It is usually located immediately after the filling line. It is appropriate for high capacity production. It may handle several types of caps. The capping machine is equipped with 2 heads operating simultaneously. Its maximum capacity is 4 000pcs/h. The machine is usually interfaced with an automated cap feeder and sorter. It is controlled with a touch panel. The process of capping is continuous. It means that the packaging is capped while moving. The capper owes its smooth and dynamic operation to servo-motors. The machine is made of stainless steel.

Capper CS

Power supply: 3x400V 50~60Hz
Compressed air: 6.5 bar
Number of screwing heads: 2
Installed capacity: 6 kW
Capacity: Up to 4,000pcs/h*
Mode of operation Continuous
Material: Stainless steel

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