Pallet Wrappers


Product details

Vertical, automated wrapping station using stretch film or net for protecting and stabilizing the load during transport. The machine is equipped with in- and -out-feed roller conveyors and may operate within a line. It has an electronic, user-friendly control panel. The wrapping cycle is automatic and pre-set. It complies with the highest safety standards.

Features and Capatibilites:
  • photocell to read the pallet height
  • wrapping program: pallet top and bottom or only top, only bottom
  • adjusted film sledge start and end height
  • operation control display
  • regulated number of top and bottom wrappings
  • additional wrapping program (higher stability)
  • additional coverage (waterproof protection)
  • possibility to save four operating modes
Control system

State-of-the-art Human Machine Interface (HMI) including a 5.7″ TOUCH PANEL allows for optimum machine operating. The panel makes the machine fully integrated and user-friendly. Instead of written commands, the functions are visually represented with explicit icons and figures. The operator will easily learn the machine operation in practice. You may set parameters (e.g.: wrapping velocity, film stretch, etc.) on screens. Moreover, the screens inform you of any incidents, alerts, status, etc. Additionally, with the formula editor, you will configure and save operating programs in the machine memory. You will set required parameters quickly with no need to reset given variables. The access to parameters setting is protected with a password preventing unauthorized program modification.


Top Inside mode:

Additionally, the wrapping line may be equipped with the film sheet application system in order to protect goods from unfavourable conditions, i.e. water, humidity, dust. The system measures, cuts and applies the film sheet in the right moment. When the product is wrapped tight, the line finishes the wrapping cycle. The machine communicates with the wrapping line to ensure security and reliability.


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