Filling lines

Automatic production line MONOLINE – FX

Product details

The line is intended mainly for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. It may have different amounts of filling nozzles. Usually works in a closed loop where packages are transported in “pucks” modules. Empty packagings get positioned under the centring device. Filler nozzles go into the packaging and the cycle is started. Drip tray moves over the containers. In next step Cap is picked by capping head and closed according to ccapping torque. The last stage is unloading products from pucks. When we have filled and closed bottle we can labelling and packaging product.

Unique machine features:
  • filler beam on servo-motor – full control over the process and no product foaming;

  • dosing under flow meters control;

  • vast range of media: milk, balm, cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc.;

  • serving all shapes of packaging – formatting element adjusted to product;

  • vast range of caps;

  • full control over the capping – cap check;

  • capped units automatically moved out of formatting elements;

  • fast-track adjustment to other formats;

  • intermediate container with adjustable pump – serves mixed liquids;

  • option to add labelling machine, printer, packing machine, etc.;


Power Supply: 3x400V 50/60Hz
Compressed air: 6,5 bar
Installed capacity: Depending on the system
Capacity: Depending on the system and needs
Type of packaging: Any
Type of closing: cosmetics pumps, push-pull, triggers, flip tops, pneumatic capping, other
Wersja wykonania: Stainless steel

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