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Pallet Wrappers


Product details

Pallet wrapper OW2­-E­-C is equipped with a readable and user­friendly 4.3 inch touch panel, which allows for immediate modification and setting of parameters. Dual and motorized film stretch from 50 to 300%, adjusted with the control panel, allows for significant reduction of the film consumption and achieving required effect by adjusting the level of stress. You will reduce cost immediately and break even much faster in longer perspective. Platform „O” is dedicated for pallets loading with fork­lift trucks. Optionally, you may integrate the wrapper with a ramp or an inlet mould in order to enable manually­controlled devices getting on the turntable.

The pre­stretch film motorized type „D”

A preliminary, motorized, double­engine system allowing for 300% film stretching. The film is stretched inside the head between two rubber rollersallowing for applying pre­stretched film, especially suitable for packing delicate, easily deformable goods. It is possible to additionally stretch the film between the dispensing roller and the load.

Features and capabilities:
  • Touch control panel 4.3 inches
  • Automatic control of load height
  • The easy and safe film installing system
  • Safety switch under carriage
  • Wrapping pallets from the level of rotary table
  • The control system with diagnostics work
  • Smooth start and stop of the turntable
  • 12 users programs
  • The parameters programmable from the control panel
  • Lock feature parameter changes
  • Poland design and production
  • Availability of parts and service

Wrapping parameters:

  • Regulated Film stressing between the dispensing roller and the pallet
  • Pre­stretch and stretch start delay
  • Stretch foil regulated from 50%­300%
  • The number of wraps on the top / bottom of the palette ­ adjusted independently
  • Option on / off electromechanical clamp
  • Wrapping cycle single / double
  • Film carriage going over the pallet
  • Check the trolley with the film over the pallet in cm
  • Optional wrapping of pallet with divider(s)
  • Independently regulated filmoverlap at the forklift up/ down (speed of forklift with film)
  • Adjustable independently while driving the trolley up / down speed turntable
  • Independently regulated speed of turntable at the forklift up/down
Additional options:

– Acces ramp

– Inlet mould

– Mast to wrap pallets up to 2700 mm.

– Turntable Φ 2000mm

– Electromagnetic clamp

– Turntable with extended frame

– Inox version



Single- or three-phase power supply: 3×400 V, 1×230 V, 50/60 Hz
Installed capacity: 1 kW
Weight: approx. 350 kg
Rotating platform height: 70 mm
Rotating platform diameter: 1650 mm
Capacity: up to 30 pallets/h
Maximum platform “0” load capacity (optionally to 2000kg): 1500 kg
Maximum platform “E” load capacity: 1200 kg
Operating temperature: 0 to 40 °C
Wrapping level: up to 2300 mm* With M+ option up to 2800 mm* if the film protruding over the load = 0 mm



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