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Automated wrap machine­ FLOW­PACK is destined for single row packing of single units in film on an industrial scale. FLOW­PACK packs single units cheaper and faster and makes them look attractive. The packed goods are easy to transport, count and visually check with no damage to the packaging. Thanks to the film packaging you will meet growing market requirements and improve the look of your products. The wrap machine has a wide range of regulated components to adjust the machine to the packed goods quickly and efficiently. Thus, you may use your packing machine flexibly. The applied components make up a top quality and reliable system.

Control system

The implemented control system is based on Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) executing the machine operating algorithm. Thanks to the operator’s panel located in the front part of the machine, the operator is able to set and read operating parameters and react to alerts. Each alert message includes a detailed description and specific visual representation. State­of­the­art Human Machine Interface (HMI) including a 10” TOUCH PANEL allows for optimum machine operating. The panel makes the machine fully integrated and user­friendly. Instead of written commands, the functions are represented with explicit icons and figures. The operator will easily learn the machine operation in practice. You may set parameters (e.g.: velocity, temperature, location, etc.) on screens. Moreover, the screens inform you of any incidents, alerts, status, etc. Additionally, with the formula editor, you will configure and save up to 15 operating programs in the machine memory. You will set required parameters quickly with no need to reset given variables.




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