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Filling lines


Product details

The filling line Filler F-X2 is equipped with a system of filler nozzles arranged in 2 rows. The solution is appropriate for high capacity filling of > 3 000 packagings per hour depending on the unique product shape and volume. The intermediate container has special sensors thanks to which the fluid is pumped over to the main container. Then it is pumped over directly to the machine. As soon as the filling is over, as the products are moving out from the first row the filler nozzles move over the second row of products and fill them with fluid. When it is finished the process is repeated with the nozzles position change. The operator sets the dose directly by means of a touch panel. The filling machine is equipped with servo-motors and flowmeters. They enable accurate dosage. Servo-motors ensure full control over the process speed, which may be modified during the process.


Power supply: 3x400V 50~60Hz
Compressed air: 6.5 bar
Installed capacity: 9 kW
Capacity: Up to 3,200pcs/h*
Packaging type: Glass bottle, PET, HDPE bottle, Canisters
Material: Stainless steel
Number of filler nozzles: 18

* depending on the type of packaging

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