Filling lines and capping machines

Customizing system, i.e. a production line composed of filling lines, so-called fillers, and capping machines, which are usually located at the beginning of the process line. Fully automated process allow for achieving high efficiency in terms of performance and positive financial result.
With the automated filling lines you may fill any kind of packaging (e.g.: glass and PET bottles or canister) with any fluid. The quantity of fluid is set based on the capacity of the individual packaging. When the filling process is over, the products are transported to the capping area where the packagings are capped from the top and tighten with a rotary motion. This is how the cap is applied with no human interference. Capping machines can handle different types of caps. Packaging prepared in such a way is ready for further handling on the production line, e.g.: labelling and packing. The wide range of our machines allow for combining various types of packing equipment in one production line.

Automatic production line MONOLINE – FX
Capper CS-2
Capper SS-T
Filler F-X(6-12)
Capper CS