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07B PC servo film wrapper is a computer­controlled machine. It is driven by 3 servomotors. You may easily adjust the device to the packed item. Double transverse jaw allows for high and efficient packing capacity whenever you want to increase the performance. Suitable for Clients offering wide range of packed goods or dynamically changing assortment. Relevant parameters are set and saved by means of a TOUCH SCREEN. You may select your preferred language: German, English, Polish, Russian or Hungarian. The temperature of longitudinal and transverse sealing is saved together with other packing parameters in the computer memory. You may save up to 99 items. The machine is suitable for semi­automated and automated lines as it may be integrated with various technological devices. Another advantage of PLC­based control system is the possibility to integrate the machine with other control systems and share data.

Optional features:

– inert gas applicator to extend product durability (cheese, baguettes, biscuits)

– application for sealing­ a device for application of film sticking out of the product. It makes high

– and regular items look better and easy to pack in tins.

– Dating machine (tape, dry touch, link­jet roatating matrix)

07B is a perfect solution for packing regular, stiff shapes:

– food: (wafers, chocolate, ice­cream, gingerbread cookies, etc.)

goods: (soap, bandage)

If the goods are not stiff enough, you may use 05B to pack them on trays or in tins.

You may apply the following films:

– heat sealed (such as PP)

– cold sealed

– combined (such as PP combined with PE,PET,PP,Al.)

– Packaging materials may be transparent or printed.


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